Suffolk orchards

Suffolk’s orchards are located mainly on the clay soils found in the east and south east, where the counties principal rivers valleys are located.  The farming tradition of this area led to a scattered pattern of small orchards, often associated with farmhouses and manors.  Many of these are now unmanaged and nearing the end of their natural lives, making them vulnerable to change of use and redevelopment.
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Suffolk apple and pear varieties

Suffolk has several famous apple varieties and we are aware of only one Suffolk pear variety at present.
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Suffolk plum, gage and cherry varieties

Suffolk has several gages and plums and the notable Polstead Black cherry.
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Lost varieties of Suffolk

There are only five named apple varieties documented as having Suffolk origins. It is possible that some of these might still exist today.
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Orchards to visit Suffolk

If you know of any orchards in Suffolk that are open to the public, please let us know.